Our mission

We want to make learning Indian languages EASY, FUN and PRACTICAL

We want children to EMBRACE INDIAN CULTURE, so they know where they come from

CONNECT GENERATIONS, so the whole family ( including grandparents ), can communicate with each other, in their Mother Tongue



We give Practical Tips for each topic

  • Practice weekly Vocabulary at mealtimes, as a family
  • When going on a nature walk, say colours, animals and all nature items that you see, in your Mother Tongue
  • To reinforce numbers, ask children to count stairs, when going up and down
  • Use everyday activities such as skipping, running and football / netball, to count in your Mother Tongue
  • Look in your wardrobe and name the colours and clothing items, in your Mother Tongue


As well as connecting a child to their CULTURE and IDENTITY, a SECOND LANGUAGE opens a child’s mind, BROADENS their horizons and ENRICHES their emotional life

A question we get asked a lot is


Research has shown that the time between a child’s birth and their 6th/ 7th birthday is a ‘golden period’, when they are MOST RECEPTIVE to new languages

This is because they have an IN-BUILT ABILITY, to distinguish the sounds they hear and make sense of them

However, we also know that, the older a child gets, their ability to grasp and RETAIN NEW VOCABULARY, also GROWS

But more than that, it’s also a wonderful thing to CELEBRATE our culture, and that LANGUAGE is a great way, to really start to get the feel of their ROOTS AND ORIGINS

Speaking a second language IMPROVES SKILLS in

  • Problem solving
  • Multi tasking
  • Decision making

Studies show that being able TO THINK IN 2 LANGUAGES can

  • Improve brain function
  • Improve focus
  • Improve ability to perform mental tasks



I'm Safrina and I’m passionate about Teaching Indian Languages

I’m a qualified Teacher, with over 18 years of experience in English Schools, in the UK

My vision is to make learning languages Fun, Enjoyable and Engaging, for all students

I’m a mother of 2 beautiful girls

I was born in England, but am a true proud Panjabi at heart

I have Bsc and Msc in Economics and Politics, plus a Post Grad Teaching Qualification ( University of London and City University)

What can I say, I LOVE Education!

I am the Creator/ Writer/ Owner of S.M.I.L.E 4 Kids Indian Language School

S.M.I.L.E stands for Speak my Indian Language Easily


is to keep our Mother Tongue alive, through our children

Most of all, I really want grandparents, parents and children, to LOVE to SPEAK their Mother Tongue and to fall in love with our Culture and Identity

We are so used to speaking English, (as it’s convenient), that we are in imminent danger of losing, our languages and therefore our identity

I want to make, speaking our Mother Tongue, just as easy too

This is why I have carefully and lovingly, written and created a fun and unique way, for our children to learn to Speak and/or Write Panjabi, Hindi and Gujarati

Family and Roots, mean everything to me, as this is what truly defines and identifies us


I took 10 years out of my teaching career, to have our 2 beautiful girls

For the first 7 years of our marriage, we faced lots of struggles to start a family

After a bad miscarriage in 2008, we were told that it’s near enough impossible to conceive, by medics and astrologers and anyone we seeked help from

On top of this, my beloved mother and father passed away, very suddenly and in quick succession of each other



It was sheer determination and sending out positive signals to the universe, that made our dream come true

It took 7 long, hard years to have our 1st daughter, then another 4 years to have our second daughter

Our girls are both true miracles and proof that if you ’Dare to Dream’, your dream will come true

I still wake up each morning and count my blessings


in 2018, once the girls were in school, I was ready to go back to work

I really wanted to do something really meaningful in life, break barriers and make a difference

Most of all, i wanted to give something back, as I felt truly blessed

My inspiration was and still is, my dear late, beloved mother and my best friend in life

Children were her life and children are my life

In addition, by becoming a parent myself, I realised that parents are the biggest ‘influencers’, in children’s lives

I realised that my girls, had never seen their mum have a career

This light bulb moment came when 4 years ago, I asked my 7 year old, ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?'

Her answer was, 'I want to stay at home cook, clean and do housework'

I had to show my girls that, women are just as powerful as men and have careers and success, in their own right


4 years ago, I was struggling to teach my own girls, then 3 and 7 years, to Speak Panjabi. It felt like a daunting prospect

Mum in law ( who lives with us ), opted to speak English to them

Whilst enjoying a lovely holiday in Dubai, I decided, it was time to get some help

So I took them to our local Gurudwara, to learn Panjabi

I was super excited, as you know, I love Education and Learning

Much to my dismay, teaching there lacked Structure, there was no focus on Speaking ( my main aim ), Large groups of children and classes were 3 hours long!

Most of all there was no Fun element!!

That’s when I decided that, it was time for change!!

I used my skills as a Teacher and a Mother and started creating Fun ways, to teach my own children, Panjabi

I wrote and created my own Educational Songs, as songs are incredibly powerful and easy way of retaining learning

I made my own flashcards and resources and my girls loved learning and grew in confidence, very quickly

We had lots of fun while learning. It was easy!

So much so, that other parents started asking me to teach their children Panjabi

As word spread, I was asked to offer Hindi, then Gujarati classes

Any small profit that I made initially, I re invested in hiring a Music Producer to make professional music, designers to create my flashcards.

Eventually, I hired an IT company in India ( tight budget ),to build a new website, with an admin portal to share my resources, with students

I wanted to offer the highest quality to my students, even if it meant using all my profits and putting in some of my savings

I also wanted to help parents to give them structure and tips to apply learning at home

Speaking a second language to English, must be FAMILY AFFAIR, not just 1 hour class a week

I adapted to Lockdown in April 2020, by offering Online Zoom classes

It was the single best decision I made!!!

I have hired and trained,10 wonderful and equally enthusiastic teachers to help me


is still becoming a mum to my 2 children and holding them close


Inspiring my 2 daughters to follow their passions and be strong independent women in future

To see them being proud of their mum’s achievements and be inspired by me, is truly the cherry on top

Helping Families to connect and fall in Love with their culture and Languages.

I’m truly overwhelmed, each time I receive a positive message from a parent .. just like it’s the first time.

It truly fills my heart with emotion, to know that my course has made a difference to even just one child or family or grandparent

I look forward to connecting with you all and most of all,

I salute all women and wish you all every success in life

I equally salute and CELEBRATE all men , such as my dear husband, that support their wives as equals

I really appreciate everyone, for taking the time to ready my story

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