My name is SAFRINA and I'm very passionate about teaching children.

I am a UK qualified Teacher and have over 15 years teaching experience, in English Schools.

My qualifications include, Bsc Economics and Statistics, Msc Economics and Stats, Post Graduate diploma in Careers Teaching.


After searching for a spoken Panjabi course for my own children, I soon realised that all the teaching was based on reading and writing first.

In fact, I found this across all Indian languages, that are taught in the UK.

My belief and experience is, that it’s not important to learn to read or write the language, before learning to speak it. I believe it that should be the other way round. Learning to SPEAK first and then learning to READ and WRITE.

My vision is to make learning languages fun, engaging and enjoyable for children.

I also want children, to and embrace their culture.

Therefore, my courses cover a wide variety of Cultural, Historical and Festival topics.

For these reasons, I have created an Enjoyable, Interactive and Practical Speaking course, that children will Love! After which,they can enjoy Learning to Read and Write, too.

In return, students will gradually become more confident in conversing in Panjabi/Gujarati/Hindi at home.

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